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New product generation - updates at a glance

August 29, 2023
Isa Generation 2

New hardware, new design and new functions

New product generation 

For the first product generation, we followed the minimum viable product (MVP) approach in order to gather as much feedback as possible from various users and numerous companies. On this basis, we were able to iteratively adapt ISA to real needs, develop it further and improve it. The findings from this concept study have made it possible to develop a scalable concept for health promotion with the new product generation.  

Has ISA now changed fundamentally?

No! The essential functions and the positive effects on health, which have already been proven by numerous studies, are retained.

With the update, we have improved the user-friendliness and created space for new possibilities. The core idea remains "Keep it simple and smart"! ISA remains low-threshold and intuitive.

The most important updates in brief

1. greater customisability

With ISA, we want to help people with sedentary jobs to achieve a healthy level of ergonomics and movement. In doing so, we are guided by health science guidelines such as those of the  WHO.

Although the goal of staying healthy is the same for everyone, we have found that the way to get there is not the same for everyone, as the gaps to the desired behaviour vary from person to person.

That is why we have given users the option of adapting their coach to their current needs through different training programmes and training intensities. This turns the frustration of too many or too few tips into ambition and keeps all users motivated in the long term.

2. easy mode 

"A lot helps a lot" is not always true. The need for health coaching changes depending on the job, industry, company, personality and many other factors. Stress, a heavy workload or your own health behaviour have a major impact on how much employees interact with ISA and respond to advice. This is why we have developed the "Easy Mode", with which ISA merely raises awareness instead of providing continuous support. 

3. "Video call mode"

Exercise is good, but not always possible. Most people enjoy ISA and develop a certain ambition to implement all health recommendations. But during a video call with a customer, very few people want to do a relaxation exercise. This makes perfect sense, which is why we have developed the "Video Call Mode". This can be found on the main screen and, once activated, blocks all health advice for 30 minutes to avoid unnecessary distractions.

4. slimmer design

Technically, ISA 1.0 worked well, but it would not have won a beauty award. The new version, on the other hand, comes up trumps in terms of design with lifestyle products such as smartwatches and similar devices. In addition to the cosmetic improvements, we have also improved the user-friendliness. The new version does not require external cooling, which is why ISA is now much slimmer, lighter and noiseless without a fan. This benefits hybrid working. The display is slightly larger, has a better resolution and the touch function is more precise.

5. better power supply

ISA is now even more flexible to use! The device now has a USB-C connection as standard and can be powered either via the supplied power adapter or directly via a laptop or PC. The connection is therefore more sustainable and reliable. The supplied cable is significantly longer and also offers more flexibility when setting up the device. availability

Some users wanted audio instructions for the exercises and audible health advice. ISA 2.0 therefore has loudspeakers that provide acoustic instructions.

7. revision of the app

As we live by the principle of data minimisation, the data is only stored locally and deleted daily. To ensure that individual training data is not lost and your own successes can be measured, we offer the option of backing up the data on your personal smartphone using the optional app. We have now significantly improved the app's user interface and user experience.

8. further development of AI

The quality of the individual exercise profile and the associated health information largely depends on the deep learning algorithms. The better they are trained, the more accurate ISA is. Although we do not train the AI with user data because we do not collect any data from them, we continuously feed the algorithm with data from volunteers in order to achieve the best possible results.

9. further development of sensor technology

In addition to AI, the sensor is important for understanding user behaviour. The new product generation now uses an improved sensor that is still based on infrared and therefore remains fully compliant with data protection regulations. However, the new sensor enables more reliable recording of movement data. A second sensor, which is directed upwards, improves stand-sit detection. 

What's next on the agenda?

1. gamification

The health effect of ISA depends to a large extent on how much we can motivate users to follow the health instructions. In future, we would therefore like to incorporate playful elements such as a quiz, challenges among colleagues or departments and others into the software development.

2. mental health

ISA currently only passively promotes mental health through exercise-related hormone equalisation to reduce stress. Studies show that mental challenges are increasing both in everyday life and at work, making the topic increasingly important in occupational health management. Our studies have shown that ISA can have a very positive influence on behaviour in the workplace. This is possible because ISA, as a daily companion, understands behaviour very well and can suggest healthy options for action depending on the situation. In the future, we would like to transfer this concept to mental health in order to promote people holistically in a healthy lifestyle.

More on this topic: Research project on stress intervention in the workplace launched by Deep Care and Fraunhofer IGD

New ISA, new utilisation concept!

To ensure that ISA reaches even more people in the future, we have developed a new utilisation concept for large companies. This includes a Coaching lasting several weeks with ISA from just €2.99 per MA per month possible. In this context, ISA is ideally suited as a sensitisation measure for greater health awareness.

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