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Experts confirm the benefits of Isa

Over 150 client companies as well as numerous established health insurance companies and healthcare providers rely on our AI assistance to improve workplace health.

Experience for yourself how Isa increases the effectiveness of your prevention measures, makes your work easier and inspires your colleagues to work healthily.

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It is well known that the technical equipment in the home office is often not comparable with modern office and VDU workstations. This is why the risk assessment is not only a legal requirement, but also a necessary measure for the prevention of the situation. The methodology we developed with Deep Care enables a true perception of the actual conditions and achieves a high level of ergonomic effectiveness.

Elisabeth Strathaus

Senior Safety Engineer at Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG

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An impressively effective tool for significantly more ergonomics at VDU workstations. When fully concentrating on the activity, it is a real help when the attention to one's own sitting posture is taken over by the Isa. This is clearly matched by the positive feedback from our employees. A valuable enrichment!

Dr. med. Gesine Büge
Specialist in occupational medicine, STILL GmbH

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Tested and found to be good: Ergonomics, movement exercises and sufficient drinking - a personal health coach. Ingenious!

Sukeevan Shanmugalingam
Occupational Safety Specialist, E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

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It works: Employees demonstrably move more, use their height-adjustable desks, sit more ergonomically or drink more. A great thing!

Lenz Magnus Hocher
Occupational health management, DB InfraGO AG

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I like that it is plug & play, always present and not too intrusive.

Dr. Katrin Mahnke
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, MAHLE International GmbH

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We have already tried many things to motivate more movement during work. None of it has been as simple, efficient and low-threshold as Isa.

Dr. Michael Eppard
Senior Executive Manager, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

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I particularly like the uncomplicated but effective targeted movement exercises that I can integrate into my working day thanks to Isa.

Dr. Karin Müller
Head of Department "People and Health", DEKRA

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Works really well and motivates me to take care of my health.

Holger Mayr
Human Resources Expert, Vector Informatik GmbH

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Well thought-out usage model! Thanks to "Isa on Demand", we can easily reach many employees and achieve a lasting effect on them.

Ralf Stehle
Head of Occupational Health Management,
ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG

Isa is super! It unobtrusively reminds us of what is often neglected in the daily work process. Mindfulness for the body and a healthy posture.

Petra Wolf
Occupational Health Management, ENTEGA AG

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Uncomplicated and effective. A prime example of useful digitalisation.

Andreas Pesch
BGM Coordination Germany, Robert Bosch GmbH

I was surprised at how accurately Isa recognized a misalignment in my shoulders. It was only 2-3 cm. With targeted neck and shoulder exercises and slightly lowering the desk, my neck and shoulders now feel much better.

Henri Hendrickx
Sr. Manager Medical Care, SABIC Netherlands

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Flexible, location-independent and individual - Isa is in tune with the times and has a wide reach, rarely has an offer been booked up so quickly. Our employees are thrilled!

Tobias Baum
Company health management, Gothaer Krankenversicherung AG

through the low-threshold and sensible approach.
Customers & Partners
Improve your own prevention programme with Deep Care
Sustainable effects
due to the use over several weeks and during work
Prices & application

What does Isa cost as part of the BGF?

We offer 3 different bundles to promote the health of your employees.

All of your office staff can access Isa free of charge. In return, you pay an annual lump sum based on the number of office employees in your company. We have already factored the expected participation rate into the price calculation based on our previous experience.

Flat rates depending on the number of office employees in the company

No effort thanks to 360° service

How easy it is to use Isa to promote health

Each bundle includes numerous services so that you and Isa users don't have to do anything.

Communication templates: Simple application thanks to graphics and text modules for e-mail, social media and other channels.

Booking portal (for users): Booking link for easy distribution and participation in the offer.

Isa-Cockpit (for admins): A web-based platform with information on participation rates, effectiveness and offer management.
Comprehensive support: We take care of logistics, onboarding and technical support, among other things.
Effectiveness evaluation: We continuously collect anonymous user feedback and analyse it for you.
Prices & application

Isa in occupational health & safety

What does it cost to carry out the risk assessment in the office or home environment with Isa?

Risk assessment with "Isa - risk assessment"

The costs per person for "Isa - risk assessment" depend heavily on how many risk assessments are to be carried out and to what extent you want to use the AI coach for workplace instructions and risk assessments.

With Isa you can, for example, cover the entire process of risk assessment at VDU workstations, only carry out the risk assessment in the home environment or address specific employees in individual cases.

No effort thanks to 360° service
  • Communication templates
  • Booking portal (for Sifa or MA)
  • Isa-Cockpit (for admins)
  • Logistics, onboarding & support
  • Effectiveness evaluation
Advantages for your team
  • Sensors for CO², light, noise, ergonomics, etc.
  • Sensor & AI-supported workplace optimisation
  • Sensor & AI-based efficacy monitoring
  • Interactive & visual workplace instruction
  • Digital results & measures reporting
  • Automatic process documentation

Prices on request

In a 30-minute initial consultation, we will clarify your needs, explain testing options and, if you wish, prepare a customised quote.
The costs are comparable to conventional methods of risk assessment, but offer significantly greater benefits with less effort.
No effort thanks to 360° service

How easy it is to use Isa in occupational safety

We also offer an automated system for carrying out risk assessments in the area of occupational health and safety.

Booking portal (for users / admins): You can book Isas for employees directly or forward the link for self-booking.

Isa-Cockpit (for admins): A web-based platform with information on participation rates, effectiveness and offer management.
Comprehensive support: We take care of logistics, onboarding and technical support, among other things.
Effectiveness evaluation: You receive digital reports on measures already taken, residual risks and further measures.
More prices

Purchase or hire of individual devices

In our shop you will find rental and purchase prices for private individuals or companies with fewer than 30 office employees.

We look forward to the exchange!

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