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We are revolutionising prevention in the office & at the desk

We are revolutionising prevention in the office & at the desk

Our approach

We make prevention simple & effective!

Isa is the world's first health assistant specifically for office workers and offers a unique solution for health prevention at VDU workstations.

The three modules «Isa – ergo move», "Isa - risk assessment" and «Isa – trainer» can be flexibly activated and combined to effectively and easily cover all key aspects of healthy working at VDU workstations.

Employee sits at his desk and looks at his Isa health coach
An AI assistant

Three modules for healthier desk work

How does the collaboration begin?

Without effort & without risk

Risk-free testing of the concept (optional)

Selected employees can test the offer in a standardised pilot phase. We evaluate the effectiveness and feedback from participants using anonymous questionnaires to provide you with a solid basis for decision-making.

Joint framework agreement*

We conclude a framework agreement for a service for e.g. one year. Within this, all office employees can book Isa individually via a company-specific booking portal and receive their Isa from us.

We set everything up

Right at the start of the official collaboration, we set up the booking portal for your employees and the cockpit for managing the offer for you. You will also receive the communication documents to optimise the promotion of the new health offer.
*We offer Isa as part of a closed-loop model, so there are no devices to purchase or manage.
Employee sits at his desk and looks at his Isa health coach
Centralised offer management

With the Isa cockpit

The web-based Isa Cockpit gives you a centralised overview and management of all our prevention modules. 

  • Utilisation figures for the offers
  • Templates for communicating offers
  • Contract information & issues
  • Useful tips & best practices
  • Effectiveness evaluations
  • ...
Effective employer branding

Full appreciation
for all employees

From the initial communication of the offer to the actual use of the Isa, the entire user journey is designed to convey a positive feeling and genuine appreciation on the part of the employer. On request, all office employees receive a voucher* that they can redeem in the booking portal to use the module. This further increases the perceived value of the offer, which has a positive effect on the participation rate.

*The voucher amount corresponds to the value of the offer and not the costs for the company
Employee sits at his desk and looks at his Isa health coach
360° service

We do the work for you!

You advertise the offers (that's all you have to do)

You can use our ready-made communication templates for email, social media and more to advertise the health offer to all employees in an appealing way.

Employees can book Isa

All interested office workers can order their Isa with just a few clicks via a booking link, which is inserted into an e-mail, for example.

We take care of logistics & onboarding

We send Isa to the desired shipping address at the desired time. Employees are introduced to its use through digital onboarding.

Employees use Isa for as long as necessary

Employees have different needs. Some only need brief sensitisation, others need to change habits or alleviate acute complaints.

We organise return shipments & collect feedback

Your employees will receive a return slip via the booking portal if they no longer need Isa and can evaluate its effectiveness anonymously using a questionnaire.

You will receive ongoing insights

The company's own cockpit allows you to easily keep track of usage figures, effectiveness analyses and much more.
Are there any questions left?

Oh yes, the pricing model ...

All the essentials in 4 videos!

Video 1: What is Deep Care all about?
Video 2: How is Isa used to promote health?
Video 3: How is Isa used in occupational safety?
Video 4: Data protection & testing options

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