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Isa - risk assessment

Risk assessment for home office & mobile work

«Isa – risk assessment» offers a comprehensive risk assessment in the home environment at the level of a physical workplace inspection - fully compliant with data protection regulations and without additional effort for occupational health and safety.
Isa - risk assessment

Risk assessment for home office & mobile work

«Isa – risk assessment» offers a comprehensive risk assessment in the home environment at the level of a physical workplace inspection - fully compliant with data protection regulations and without additional effort for occupational health and safety.
Duty to care

Risk assessment is mandatory - even in the home environment

The employer's duty of care in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act also applies to mobile employees. After all, working for too long under unfavorable working conditions (e.g. with the wrong set-up) is a guarantee for illness, complaints and dissatisfaction. For employers, this means enormous costs due to sickness absence and loss of productivity.

An employee sits at her desk in a business dress and clutches her back in pain. She is sitting on a normal dining chair, which does not contribute to ergonomics.
New Work - New Challenges

Working relationships in the home office ...

How do your colleagues work from home?

Currently, around a quarter of employees work from home frequently or occasionally. Occupational health and safety is faced with the challenge of assessing the conditions and optimizing them without direct influence.


miss the ergonomics of the office


miss the erg. display orientation


rate the erg. of seating furniture as worse

*Research study on behalf of the Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt (IBA)
Risk assessment

The status quo does not do justice to the situation

The world of work has changed significantly in recent years, so it is clear that risk assessment must be re-evaluated in the context of a hybrid and multi-local working environment in order to avoid a future wave of MSDs 

However, it is simply not feasible to carry out workplace inspections in private rooms. Video-based solutions are an invasion of privacy and also involve considerable effort. The questionnaire-based risk assessment is usually incomprehensible to employees, takes an enormous amount of time and is rarely taken seriously. 

A young man in a suit sits at a desk and stretches his arms to the right and left. He has a very relaxed expression on his face.
Isa - risk assessment shows part of the risk assessment on the screen, showing how the desk should be set up correctly. A picture shows that the arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle when the forearms are placed on the desk.
Interactive & effective

Safety briefing & technical instruction

Risk query & interactive optimization guide

In four modules, Isa teaches all relevant content for minimizing risks in the home office and ensures compliance with all legal requirements. Employees learn interactively and clearly how to optimize their working environment (e.g. lighting, noise) and work equipment (e.g. office furniture, mouse, screen).

AI & sensor-based efficacy monitoring

Isa doesn't just teach, she actively helps!

Isa measures health risks, proposes specific improvement measures and checks their implementation for effectiveness.

Lighting conditions

> 500 lux


< 60 dB

Desktop setting

erg. Setup

Table & chair

erg. Setup

High table

Correct height & utilisation

Movement area

in front of the table

Isa - risk assessment also measures the monitor eye distance during the risk assessment. The picture shows a young woman sitting in front of a screen and a line symbolises the distance between her eyes and the screen.
Isa shows a QR code which is used to download a risk assessment results report.
Full data protection

Documentation & results reporting

Once the risk assessment has been completed, Isa prepares an individual report. This contains not only the content of the assessment, but also the measures taken by the employee and their effectiveness. Any remaining risks and further recommendations for action are also recorded.

Employees can share the report directly with a specialist or manager with just one click.

Phoenix Contact
Customer-centric innovation

Impulse driver & customer

Phoenix Contact, a global leader in the electrical engineering industry, decided in 2023 to help its employees achieve a healthier working style with «Isa – ergo move». Some Isa users, especially those working from home, started to redesign their workstations to meet Isa's ergonomic requirements.

Elisabeth Strathaus, Head of Occupational Safety at Phoenix Contact, observed this and commented: "That's exactly what we want to achieve with our work. Isa works like a risk assessment for the home office, but with real effectiveness monitoring." Based on this feedback, Deep Care and Phoenix Contact began to jointly explore how existing approaches to risk assessment in the home environment could be improved, which signalled the start of the development of «Isa – risk assessment».

Elisabteh Strathaus Phoenix Contact
It is well known that the technical equipment in the home office is often not comparable with modern office and VDU workstations. This is why the risk assessment is not only a legal requirement, but also a necessary measure for the prevention of the situation. The methodology we developed with Deep Care enables a true perception of the actual conditions and achieves a high level of ergonomic effectiveness.
Elisabeth Strathaus
Senior Safety Engineer at Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG
Michael Kasper - Occupational Safety Specialist & Head of Health Centre UIm, BAD GmbH
KICO - Risk Assessment is an innovative and smart solution for sustainable and targeted risk assessment in the home office and for mobile working. KICO - Risk Assessment minimises the time and effort required for a risk assessment and significantly improves the results for the health and safety of employees.
Michael Kasper
Occupational Safety Specialist & Head of Ulm Health Centre, B-A-D GmbH
Specialist in occupational medicine & expert in modern occupational safety, B-A-D GmbH
KICO - Risk Assessment makes remote workplaces safer. The employee-driven risk assessment creates binding clarity, promotes self-efficacy ("I am an expert in my workplace"), is fun to carry out and is contemporary.
Dr Philipp Stevens
Specialist in occupational medicine & expert in modern occupational safety, B-A-D GmbH
Cooperative development

Development partner & innovation multiplier

In 2023, B-A-D and Deep Care entered into a pioneering partnership. In this partnership, B-A-D added accompanying digital courses to our Isa and integrated the overall concept into its own prevention programme under the name "KICO - Dein KI-Gesundheitscoach". Since then, we have been working together to develop and promote further innovative approaches in the field of workplace prevention. The synergy between our innovative solutions and B-A-D's many years of experience opens up completely new possibilities.

When our partners at B-A-D heard about the plans for an AI-supported risk assessment, they were very enthusiastic. Since then, they have been fully committed to realising this idea. B-A-D's occupational health and safety experts played a crucial role in defining and sharpening the requirements that Isa must fulfil in order to be able to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment and instruction. They accompanied the development process from the ground up to the pilot phase. Thanks to their technical expertise and many years of experience in occupational health and safety, they have made a significant contribution to ensuring that "Isa - risk assessment" has become a legally compliant and highly effective tool for workplace health.


Utilisation options & procedure

How to use Isa in occupational safety

Isa - risk assessment

Procedure of the risk assessment

You get access to your own booking platform.

With just a few clicks, you can book an Isa for those employees for whom a risk assessment is due.

We take care of logistics & onboarding

We deliver Isa at the right time to the employees who need to carry out a risk assessment - whether they are working from home, in the office or at another location.

Employees use Isa for several weeks

Employees have different needs. Some only need brief sensitisation, others need to change habits or alleviate acute complaints.

Employees use Isa to carry out a GB

Isa accompanies the employees for a while at the desk, provides workplace training and gives instructions on how to optimise the workplace.

We organise the return shipment & collect feedback

Once the risk assessment has been completed, employees and specialists receive a report with the measures taken, residual risks and further recommendations for action.

Whether for teleworking, mobile working or in certain individual cases ...

In a free initial consultation, we will find the best utilisation model for your risk assessment with «Isa – risk assessment».

Advantages at a glance

Environmental prevention with «Isa – risk assessment»

100% reach! With «Isa – risk assessment» you can enable every employee to carry out a risk assessment.

Simple, without effort! We take care of the preparation and logistics, Isa does the rest.

Healthy working environment! Effectiveness monitoring guarantees a healthy working environment in the long term, even when working from home.

An employee receives an Isa with a risk assessment and is very happy about it.

This is how Isa is received in occupational safety:

Still Logo
An impressively effective tool for significantly more ergonomics at VDU workstations. When fully concentrating on the activity, it is a real help when the attention to one's own sitting posture is taken over by the Isa. This is clearly matched by the positive feedback from our employees. A valuable enrichment!

Dr. med. Gesine Büge
Specialist in occupational medicine, STILL GmbH

E.ON Logo
Tested and found to be good: Ergonomics, movement exercises and sufficient drinking - a personal health coach. Ingenious!

Sukeevan Shanmugalingam
Occupational Safety Specialist, E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

DB Logo
It works: Employees demonstrably move more, use their height-adjustable desks, sit more ergonomically or drink more. A great thing!

Lenz Magnus Hocher
Occupational health management, DB InfraGO AG

MAHLE logo
I like that it is plug & play, always present and not too intrusive.

Dr. Katrin Mahnke
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, MAHLE International GmbH

Max Planck Institute Logo
We have already tried many things to motivate more movement during work. None of it has been as simple, efficient and low-threshold as Isa.

Dr. Michael Eppard
Senior Executive Manager, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

DEKRA logo
I particularly like the uncomplicated but effective targeted movement exercises that I can integrate into my working day thanks to Isa.

Dr. Karin Müller
Head of Department "People and Health", DEKRA

Vector Informatik GmbH Logo
Works really well and motivates me to take care of my health.

Holger Mayr
Human Resources Expert, Vector Informatik GmbH

ebm-papst Logo
Well thought-out usage model! Thanks to "Isa on Demand", we can easily reach many employees and achieve a lasting effect on them.

Ralf Stehle
Head of Occupational Health Management,
ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG

Isa is super! It unobtrusively reminds us of what is often neglected in the daily work process. Mindfulness for the body and a healthy posture.

Petra Wolf
Occupational Health Management, ENTEGA AG

Robert Bosch GmbH Logo
Uncomplicated and effective. A prime example of useful digitalisation.

Andreas Pesch
BGM Coordination Germany, Robert Bosch GmbH

I was surprised at how accurately Isa recognized a misalignment in my shoulders. It was only 2-3 cm. With targeted neck and shoulder exercises and slightly lowering the desk, my neck and shoulders now feel much better.

Henri Hendrickx
Sr. Manager Medical Care, SABIC Netherlands

Gothaer logo
Flexible, location-independent and individual - Isa is in tune with the times and has a wide reach, rarely has an offer been booked up so quickly. Our employees are thrilled!

Tobias Baum
Company health management, Gothaer Krankenversicherung AG

Frequently asked questions

What is a risk assessment?

Among all measures of the Occupational health and safety in the company the risk assessment is probably the most important. A risk assessment is a process in which hazards and stresses in the workplace are systematically identified and evaluated. This assessment of working conditions is required by law and serves to ensure the health and safety of employees. As part of the risk assessment, work processes, work equipment and occupational safety measures are continuously reviewed, documented and improved. The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has defined guidelines for the preparation of a risk assessment, which are anchored in DGUV Regulation 1 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG).

Carrying out a risk assessment serves to ensure a healthy environment and prevention in the workplace. Occupational safety specialists, safety officers, company doctors, managers, the works council and employees should be involved in the process. Documenting the risk assessment is also an important part of the process in order to meet the documentation requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. After the assessment, it is important to take suitable protective measures and preventative measures to avoid accidents at work.

Why is a risk assessment important when working from home?

When working from home, it is particularly important to continuously update the risk assessments and take into account the work processes and work equipment used. Carrying out a risk assessment in the home office not only protects employees, but is also required by law. However, implementation is not as easy as in the office. It is almost impossible for safety officers to check every home for hazards in the workplace, from work equipment or work areas themselves. However, it is difficult for employees to assess the risk factors themselves, even if they are provided with action aids. This is why a digital risk assessment with the latest sensor technology is ideal for error-free measurements and efficient effectiveness checks. 

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