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mhplus: seventh health insurance company uses ISA for workplace health promotion

April 8, 2024
MHplus and Deep Care co-operation

We at Deep Care are proud of the steadily growing support for our digital health coach ISA. As the most innovative service provider for digital occupational safety and health promotion, we work closely with various health insurance companies to support companies with regard to healthy work. In particular, we are delighted to announce our seventh partnership with the renowned health insurance company mhplus to announce. Another milestone for us. We are therefore particularly proud that our first innovative solution has been recognised and actively recommended by experts.

Last year, we started our first cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) initiated. As part of their innovation scouting, our offer was comprehensively analysed and evaluated positively. This collaboration has even helped us to further improve our solutions and meet the needs of companies even better. [read more]

Since then, we have continuously expanded our partnerships with other health insurance companies. Over the course of this year, we have entered into six further partnerships with statutory, private and company health insurance funds. Most recently, we were included in mhplus's BGF portfolio. This collaboration enables us to make our services (ISA) available to even more companies and help a number of employees to cultivate healthy working habits, thereby making a significant contribution to workplace health promotion.

We are delighted and proud that more and more health insurance companies are including our service in their portfolio and actively recommending it to others. This is a clear sign that our digital health assistance is recognised by experts and makes a valuable contribution to improving well-being in the workplace. The fact that various health insurance consultants recommend and jointly implement our solutions in companies confirms the effectiveness and relevance of ISA in the context of workplace health management (WHM) and workplace health promotion (WHP).

We remain committed to helping companies promote the well-being and health of their employees. Increasing support from health insurance companies is spurring us on to continue developing innovative approaches in the field of digital health management. Find out more about our latest developments or innovations to our offering.

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