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Successful innovation scouting by TK

May 16, 2024
Innovation scouting by TK
The technicians

With 11 million policyholders, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is the largest health insurance company in Germany. It is considered one of the most innovative health insurance companies and has been the test winner in Focus Money's health insurance comparison for the 16th time in a row. Among other things, it is strongly committed to the further development of the healthcare system. To this end, it acts as a dialogue and development partner for politics and society and promotes new innovations that contribute to high-quality and efficient healthcare.

A central point of contact between TC and external innovators is the TC Innovation Portalwhich offers guidelines for product development and the healthcare system as well as an innovation profile for submitting innovative approaches. Deep Care used the latter to submit the digital health coach "ISA" as an innovative healthcare offering in the field of primary prevention and health promotion.





Members & Customers:
  • 11,000,000 insured
  • 800,000 corporate customers

Together for a healthy future:

Techniker Krankenkasse is considered the most innovative health insurance company in Germany and is always on the lookout for innovative ideas that contribute to high-quality and efficient healthcare. Since the beginning of 2023, Deep Care has been part of the TK portfolio through ISA as a measure of occupational health management and contributes to prevention and health promotion through a lifelike health solution.

Initial assessment by a team of TC experts

The documents submitted for assessment were first evaluated by an internal TK team of experts. For this purpose, an interdisciplinary team was formed with the participation of prevention and health advisors as well as the head office, which initially assessed the concept of the digital health assistant theoretically. The offer was then assessed on the basis of the § 20 SGB V The ISA was evaluated against the applicable eligibility and exclusion criteria in accordance with the prevention guidelines of the GKV-Spitzenverband (GKV-SV). ISA was then subjected to a trial over a period of around four weeks. Practical test by approx. 10-15 TK employees underwent. This allowed all functions to be tested in order to assess the impact on individual health behaviour. Thanks to the expertise of the TK health experts, the test procedure provided very valuable feedback for the ongoing product development at Deep Care and was also the starting signal for a subsequent large-scale field study

Large-scale piloting of the offering in other companies

In a final step, two Pilot studies in various companies with a total of 100 participants was carried out. Over a period of three months, ISA was again analysed in terms of its functions, effectiveness and practical suitability. However, the focus was on the response and acceptance of users in an operational context.

Evaluation of results: 

The user feedback reflected the same picture as previous pilot projects with several hundred participants. About 90% of those surveyed report a positive effect on their own sitting posture, which is reflected in a heightened awareness of their own posture and ergonomic, dynamic sitting behaviour. Just under 80% report a significant increase in physical activity and carry out daily exercise programmes. About 50% The behaviour of the children was also influenced by the need to consciously interrupt longer periods of sitting in order to avoid longer periods of sitting. Drinking behaviour and standing table use have each changed at around 50% of the users. In terms of user acceptance, the concept was recognised by over 90% described as useful and intuitive to use.

Outlook for co-operation:

After around a year of testing and evaluation, ISA was included in TK's healthcare portfolio. The collaboration with TK has already paid off during this time through the exchange of knowledge and experience and has contributed significantly to the current product maturity. With ISA, Deep Care GmbH is enabling TK to offer companies throughout Germany a further real-life health solution for everyday office life.

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