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Integration of a digital health offering at E.ON

May 16, 2024
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The E.ON Group is one of the largest operators of energy networks and energy infrastructure in Europe and thus a driving force for greater sustainability in the energy supply. The Group's headquarters are located in Essen, from where E.ON provides an innovative health programme for its office employees.

E.ON SE has a renowned company health management system that goes far beyond the legal requirements and proactively supports employee health promotion in addition to occupational health and safety.

In order to continuously develop its occupational health management, E.ON maintains a lively dialogue with occupational health management managers from other companies. In the course of such an exchange of experiences, E.ON learnt about ISA, which prompted them to contact Deep Care.


Energy supply


Around 72,000 worldwide Around 37,000 in Germany

Start with Deep Care:


Integration of a digital healthcare offering

E.ON learnt about Deep Care through a personal exchange with another company's occupational health management team. This initially resulted in an instructive pilot project and later a longer-term collaboration between the two companies.

The first contact

The first personal dialogue between E.ON and Deep Care took place during an initial meeting. During the 30-minute meeting The innovative concept of a digital companion for office workers and its impact on working habits, the data protection concept and various utilisation models were discussed in more detail.

Initial needs, acceptance and success analysis 

Following an internal review of the health programme by a psychologist, a sports and occupational scientist, the head of occupational health management, data protection and the works council, a pilot project was initially launched. Goal it was, in three steps the Demandwhich Acceptance and the Effect in your own company on the basis of various test users. determine. In the first step, potential test users were identified and target group-specific communication materials were provided. In a second step, the test subjects were able to apply for use, received intensive onboarding and were able to use ISA over several weeks both in the office and from home. In a final step, the test subjects were surveyed anonymously in the middle and at the end of the test period and the responses were analysed.

Piloting results at E.ON

The pilot in figures...
Both user acceptance of the personal health coach ISA and its effect on their own health were rated very positively by the test subjects. Around 90% consider this to be useful and experience a lasting positive improvement in their health behaviour. The positive effect on sitting posture was confirmed by everyone without exception. 90% of the test subjects stated that they were more physically active and integrated daily exercise into their working day. Longer periods of sitting were reported by 80% of the test subjects deliberately interrupted their work and just as many drank a glass of water more often and more regularly in between. Employees with access to lift tables used them in 44% of cases, which increased the amount of time spent standing up.

Qualitative analysis of the questionnaires:
A positive assessment was given to the Low-threshold nature of the offerThis makes it easier to implement healthy habits such as exercising, sitting ergonomically, drinking regularly, taking active breaks, etc. in everyday life. The principle of Data minimisation and the Local data processing without an internet connection were also seen as positive. The direct involvement of the various user groups also led to constructive suggestions for improvement led. Based on user feedback, the "focus mode", in which some health notifications are paused for a short time, was integrated on the home screen for quicker accessibility. In addition, a function was created that allows the Training intensity the own needs can be adjusted to avoid over- or under-demand.


Based on user feedback and the significant pilot results, E.ON has decided in favour of the Utilisation model "ISA on Demand" decided in favour of this. This enables employees at the Group headquarters in Essen to have a device delivered to them independently and free of charge over a period of several weeks for the purpose of coaching. To enable other locations to benefit from the knowledge gained, Deep Care was given the opportunity to present the concept and the pilot results at a biennial BGM Annual General Meeting. This means that the digital health management measure has the potential to grow into other areas of the Group.

We are very much looking forward to continuing our co-operation with E.ON and would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the fruitful collaboration and the constructive feedback!

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