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How to calibrate the sit/stand detection

Isa's sit/stand detection is based on an upward-facing sensor that uses the distance to the ceiling as a reference value to determine whether you are working sitting or standing.

Move your height-adjustable desk up and down 1 to 3 times to calibrate your Isa correctly. Make sure that the desk remains in one position for about 10 seconds each time.

What happens if the sit/stand detection still does not work correctly?
  • Ceiling height is too high: If your ceiling is higher than 4.5 metres, there may be problems with detection
  • High light pollution: Isa uses an infrared sensor to measure the distance to the ceiling. Sunlight in particular, but also halogen or incandescent lamps emit a lot of infrared light, which can lead to false detection.
  • Reflection effects, skylights or uneven surfaces: Reflections on the ceilings or very uneven ceilings can result in infrared points sent by Isa not being correctly reflected, which can lead to measurement errors.

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