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Isa - key functions at a glance

+ 180 micro workouts

help you stay healthy.

Individual posture corrections

improve your posture.

Seat/standing table detection

enables optimal standing use.

Health knowledge:

learn what keeps you healthy and why


You determine the focus and goals yourself

Recovery phases

increase your efficiency

An apple a day ...

Never forget your daily ration of vitamins again

Hydration advice

keep mind & body in flow
personalised health advice

Train and consolidate health awareness!

Isa uses an advanced Deep Learning Algorithmto create an individual stress profile of the body based on anonymously collected sensor data. Based on this, it generates personalised health advicethat are automatically provided in health-relevant situations.

The health notes provide immediate support to identify and prevent health risks at an early stage. They also have the task of raising awareness of unhealthy behaviours and identifying harmful routines. At the same time, they promote a seamless integration of healthy behaviours into the work routine and help to consolidate them in the long term over a period of at least 6 weeks.

Posture corrections
Sitting upright and dynamic

There is no such thing as the perfect posture! It is important to vary your sitting posture and to sit mostly upright.

If you don't do either of these, the strain on your spine will increase. To avoid this, Isa automatically gives you a hint to correct your posture accordingly.

Ergonomic posture correction by health coach Isa
Actively provide balance

Your body needs exercise to function well and stay healthy.

This is the only way to ensure that your cells are supplied with sufficient nutrients and that your musculoskeletal system is evenly loaded and unloaded. Isa recognises which part of the body needs to be moved and guides you to the right exercise from a pool of over 160 exercises.

Healthcaoch Isa leads a movement exercise while sitting at the desk
Drinking Reminders
Keep body & mind in flow

Drinking enough water often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The consequences are sluggishness, concentration problems and fascia pain. Isa gives you an overview of how much you have drunk and makes sure it is enough.

Healthcaoch Isa points out to drink enough
Sit-stand detection
Making optimum use of lifting tables

Height-adjustable desks can significantly promote a dynamic way of working.

All too often, however, they are not used optimally in everyday life. Isa recognises whether you are sitting or standing and guides you on how best to use the lift table.

Healthcaoch Isa reminds you to work standing up
Screen break
Use recovery phases

By leaving your desk for a few minutes ...

you boost your circulation, increase your creativity and give your eyes a chance to rest. If you don't think about it yourself, Isa will remind you!

Health coach Isa reminds you to take breaks from sitting
Fruit & Vegetables
An apple a day ...

Yes, the obligatory apple is also part of a healthy working day.

Everyone knows the saying, but very few follow through. If you want to, Isa will remind you to have a daily snack of fresh fruit or vegetables.

Health coach Isa reminds you to eat fruit & vegetables
Health knowledge
Know why you do something

If you want to be healthy, you have to know what is healthy and why.

This not only helps with implementation, but can also be extremely motivating. That's why Isa gives you a short and concise overview of the most important things you need to know about healthy work at your desk.

Health coach Isa shows a health hint
Objective & Motivation

Set, pursue and achieve goals!

Isa combines proven science with cutting-edge technology to lay the foundation for effective change. The demonstrably impressive effect of clearly defined goals on motivation, performance and commitment plays a central role in promoting behavioural change.

Isa is with you every step of the way in the goal setting process. She determines your current level of health and suggests appropriate goals based on that. Continuous feedback keeps your motivation high as you work towards these goals. Milestones achieved are positively reinforced by Isa, encouraging you to set new goals and gradually increase the demands.

Health coach Isa suggests individual goals for better health
Individual goal setting
The foundation of success

Research shows that clearly defined goals significantly increase motivation, performance and commitment to a behaviour and contribute significantly to behaviour change.

Isa enables you to accurately assess your current level of health and set realistic goals on an ongoing basis to sustainably achieve your desired health behaviours.

Isa shows statistics on the frequency of posture changes
Long-term analyses
Motivation and reflection

Isa creates an awareness of one's own behaviour and enables the contextualisation of habits.

By analysing and reflecting on your behaviour over time, you can make better and more motivated decisions to avoid or change undesirable behaviours.

Health coach Isa gives target feedback on health behaviour in the workplace
Encouraging target feedback
Encouragement and self-efficacy

Praise and feedback are crucial for sustainable change as they strengthen self-efficacy and increase the likelihood of success of personal goals.

Isa supports this process by proactively addressing your successes and making you feel positive about achieving individual health goals.

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