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May 16, 2024
Individual BGF solution

Our partners help to customise our digital health solution to your individual needs

In recent years, occupational health management has become increasingly important and therefore more diverse. The services offered by numerous health service providers range from individual occupational health promotion measures to the introduction of a company health management programme.

Analogue health promotion services such as workshops, courses and sports activities have long been established. Ultimately, these were also supplemented by digital offerings such as apps and video courses. This makes it possible to support a healthy lifestyle for employees, even under the demands of New Work.  

However, health solutions that can be integrated into everyday life and thus enable employees to take advantage of offers without interrupting their work are still rare.

Our digital health coach ISA enables behaviour-based coaching in the workplace and thus helps to maintain healthy behaviour in the long term. ISA helps to encourage a healthy level of exercise, an ergonomic way of working and sufficient drinking with health tips distributed throughout the day.

ISA is therefore a targeted digital health solution for promoting movement, ergonomics and vitality that can be used anywhere and at any time.

However, the success of any OHF measure depends on the circumstances in your company and the requirements of your employees. It is also crucial how well individual measures are coordinated with each other. ISA, for example, can be perfectly complemented by an ergonomics course or can reinforce it.

Our integration partners help you to analyse the needs of your employees and enable you to combine ISA with other measures. One example of a useful link is back training. Movement24 is one of these experienced BGM consultants who will help you with ISA integration from consultation to implementation as well as with other BGM projects.

Would you like to find out more about ISA or are you looking for a targeted digital health solution for movement, ergonomics and vitality? Click here here for a free initial consultation and here to inform yourself further.

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