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Corporate Health Convention - we cordially invite you

August 29, 2023
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We cordially invite you to join us! ZPSüd 2023 (Corporate Health Convention)

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About the ZPSüd / Corporate Health Convention

Zukunft Personal is regarded as one of the leading trade fairs for "HR" and "People and Culture". For years, it has been held parallel to the Corporate Health Convention (CHC), the most important trade fair for the Company health management in Germany.

In 2023, the two trade fairs will be merged for the first time, so that the focus this year will clearly be on occupational health. This recognises the increasing relevance of health promotion for employees in the company.

With the workplace health promotion it has long since ceased to be "just" about the Reduction in days of absence and loss of production. Instead, more and more employees are expecting companies to stand up for their needs and show appreciation for their work.

This means that occupational health management and health promotion are an integral part of a forward-looking HR strategy and fundamental to countering the shortage of skilled labour.

The trade fair offers you the perfect opportunity to pick up on the latest trends and become one of the pioneers of healthy working.

This is how we contribute to occupational health...

We have developed a digital health coach called "ISA", which accompanies employees in their day-to-day work and helps them to work more healthily. It combines findings from data protection-compliant sensor technology, artificial intelligence and behavioural research to provide highly individualised and effective health coaching in the workplace.

With ISA, we are pursuing the goal of adding another piece to the puzzle of occupational health management. Our approach in developing ISA was to create a health programme that reaches employees in their everyday lives and helps them to make their work healthier in the long term.

Where can you find us?

We look forward to meeting you in person and discussing how we can further improve health standards in your company. You will find us in the Hall 1 at stand J.18.

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Hear us Speak - visit one of our lectures


Simon Fiechtner | Co-founder

Rethinking healthy working - through personalised AI coaching

10.05.2023 from 11:45 - 12:15 | Corporate Health Stage


Frederik Blohm | Business development

How artificial intelligence and behavioural research are improving our work-health balance

10.05.2023 from 12:40 - 13:10 | BBGM stage

More about the lectures

How artificial intelligence and behavioural research are improving our work-health balance

As a member of the Federal Association for Workplace Health Management (BBGM) we will be giving a presentation in the Corporate Health area of the BBGM stage. You can expect an informative presentation about our approach to transferring innovative technologies and new findings from behavioural research into health promotion in a meaningful way.

Rethinking healthy working - through personalised AI coaching

At the Corporate Health Stage, we will be reporting on our digital health coach ISA. We will also present what study results reveal about the health effects of its use. Finally, there will be a best practice example of the implementation of our ISA on demand systems.

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