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B-A-D & Deep Care - Expertise meets innovative strength

April 8, 2024
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The world of work is undergoing a profound change that brings with it new challenges. Companies are increasingly recognising the inestimable value of their employees and are focusing more and more on health and well-being in the workplace. In these dynamic times, we at Deep Care want to develop and offer innovative solutions for healthy working.

Our focus is on meeting the need for health support that remains unfulfilled by conventional health measures and services. To this end, we integrate new technologies such as sensor technology and artificial intelligence with findings from research and practice to develop solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into everyday working life. Our digital Health coach Isa is an outstanding example of this. As a personal companion for office workers, it has been proven to improve health behaviour in the workplace.

However, our challenge also lies in reaching health managers in companies and inspiring them with innovative approaches. We are therefore proud to work with B-A-D, an established and trustworthy health service provider in occupational health and safety.

Cooperation for innovative approaches in health management

In recent years, a number of innovative approaches have been developed in health management, such as apps, wearables and nudging. However, many of these approaches have not lived up to expectations. So why do many innovative ideas in health management fail to bring about sustainable change? Our view on this is best summarised with a quote from Peter Drucker:

"Innovation is only innovation if it is adopted and used."

This statement leads to two clear requirements that we place on our work in order to have a lasting impact on the organisation of healthy work: Firstly, the solutions we develop must actually be used by employees. Secondly, these solutions must be seen, understood and supported by those responsible for health in companies and health insurance funds.

B-A-D as a thought leader for innovation in the field of healthy work

With over 45 years of experience in preventive healthcare, occupational health and safety, B-A-D is a reliable partner for more than 203,000 companies. With around 3,500 experts, they provide companies with comprehensive support in all areas of prevention. As an established institution in the field of occupational health and safety, B-A-D not only embodies comprehensive expertise and decades of experience, but also a broad network.

Our cooperation is therefore a fusion of innovative strength and established expert status that enables the potential for fundamental changes in the world of work. Our common goal is to accelerate the introduction of innovative approaches. The synergy between our innovative solutions and B-A-D's experience also opens up new opportunities to comprehensively promote the health and well-being of employees

KICO - The holistic health coaching programme: Together, we are setting new standards in health promotion by combining our innovative strength with the combined expertise and resources of B-A-D. In order to achieve more long-term effects in health training programmes, B-A-D has integrated and supplemented our digital health coach Isa into its own health offering. Employees are equipped with Isa by our partner for six weeks to raise their health awareness, recognise potential for improvement and establish healthy habits. Prior to this, theoretical knowledge is imparted in a one-hour online seminar and any unanswered questions are clarified. B-A-D also organises information seminars to promote the offer. The result is a holistic concept for promoting the health of office workers.

Outlook - designing new approaches: Our common goal is to achieve even more. We are therefore working intensively on new projects to revolutionise workplace health. One of our projects involves the development of a completely new approach to risk assessment, which can also be carried out in the home environment. We are developing a completely new product for this purpose, which will be launched at the beginning of next year in collaboration with B-A-D.

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