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Invitation to the innovation network meeting of the city of Ludwigsburg

May 15, 2024
Innovation network meeting of the city of Ludwigsburg

On 30 January from 1 p.m., the Innovation Network of the City of Ludwigsburg will hold its 1st network meeting in 2024 with the focus topic "Future-oriented approaches to work design and health" at the Pure fitness club in Ludwigsburg.

The event will focus on future professions, the new world of work (New Work) and the potential impact this could have on the health of employees. In a mutual exchange with stakeholders and experts from business, science and administration/politics, new challenges of the current and future world of work will be identified and, at best, solutions will be offered as to how they can be successfully addressed. The conditions and prerequisites for new occupational fields, new ways of working and our health will be discussed.

At the invitation of the overall coordinator of the Innovation networkJolanta Gatzanis, Deep Care is invited to actively participate in the meeting. We will present our approach to low-threshold and work-related health promotion, which has already proven itself in practice in more than 100 companies and has led to measurable results. We look forward to exchanging ideas with the network's experts and hope that our experience will enable us to make an important contribution to work organisation and health in the region.

Click here for the agenda of the Innovation Network Meeting of the City of Ludwigsburg. Until 22.01.2024 you can register Register here for the event free of charge.

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