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Deep Care wins 100 business customers in 8 months with AI solution for healthy working

July 4, 2024
You can see a hand typing on a laptop. Next to it is an Isa and a houseplant. The Isa shows which exercises the person can/should do.

Increased working from home and high workloads are increasing the demand for innovative ways to promote health in the workplace

The healthtech start-up Deep Care from Ludwigsburg has seen remarkable growth in the last 8 months since the launch of its first product. At the beginning of 2023, the company launched a digital health assistant called "Isa". This uses modern sensor technology and artificial intelligence to help office workers work more healthily. In the 8 months or so since its market launch, Deep Care has already acquired over 100 business customers. These include well-known institutions such as Bosch, E.ON and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, which use the assistance device to establish a healthy working culture.

Dr Milad Geravand, co-founder and managing director of Deep Care, says: "Many people's everyday working lives are characterised by long periods of sitting, unhealthy postures and a lack of exercise breaks. This problem becomes even more acute in times of increased working from home. As the recently published DKV Report 2023 shows, employees in Germany spend an average of 9.2 hours a day sitting, which is more than ever before."

Occupational health management has evolved rapidly since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The shift to working from home required the rapid development of new digital health services that can be used regardless of time and place. Increased awareness of health issues and reports of ergonomic problems, with employees sometimes working from improvised workstations such as the kitchen table, have also raised awareness of workplace health promotion.

Dr Milad Geravand emphasises: "The high demand for innovations in workplace health promotion results from the need to support employees' health in a more targeted way and to pick them up where individual problems arise."

With Isa, Deep Care offers a solution that goes beyond conventional approaches to workplace health promotion. The intelligent assistant Isa uses depth sensors and deep learning algorithms to recognise physical strain that occurs while working at a desk in real time. Employees receive numerous recommendations directly on the device, including posture corrections and exercise instructions to counteract health impairments. This personalised approach aims not only to raise awareness of healthy working practices, but also to enable employees to actively do something for their health.

Dr Milad Geravand says: "The overwhelming response from more than 100 business customers and our extensive partnerships with established health insurers emphasise the added value that Isa offers in today's working world."

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Deep Care is a high-tech start-up from the healthcare industry founded in Waiblingen in 2020. Deep Care GmbH has been based in Ludwigsburg since 2022, where it currently employs 18 people. Our goal at Deep Care is to use innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to develop smart solutions for occupational health and safety. We want to empower people to work healthily and minimise health risks in their working environment in the long term. Our focus is on increasing individual well-being and creating a healthy and productive working environment.

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