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AI-Sensing Technology

Our patented combination of high-precision sensor technology and artificial intelligence is unique worldwide and enables completely anonymous but personalized health coaching.

Isa health coach with AI sensing for better BGM

What is AI-Sensing?

AI-Sensing is a process patented by Deep Care that enables ergonomics and movement data to be recorded anonymously in real time and analyzed offline.

This enables highly personalized health coaching that meets the highest data protection requirements and interacts with users in a targeted manner.

How does AI sensing work?

Collection of anonymous depth data

An infrared sensor scans the surroundings and creates a 3D model of the environment.

Evaluation of the data using a deep learning algorithm

A deep learning algorithm interprets the data generated by the sensor offline.

Decision-making based on further intelligent algorithms

The algorithms develop an individual coaching program
AI sensing

Ho does it work?

AI-Sensing (Isa)

Standard apps

Camera-based apps

Smartwatches & -wearbles

Interactive intervention concept

Interactive intervention concept

Interactive intervention concept


During the development phase, we placed the highest value on data protection and therefore equipped Isa with an innovative infrared sensor instead of a camera. The sensor scans the surroundings and creates a 3D model from anonymous depth data.

Thanks to this special sensor technology, health behavior can be precisely recorded without the use of a camera.

Evaluation on Isa with the level of metabolism and physical condition

Interpretation through deep learning algorithms

Deep Care has developed a special deep learning algorithm that can correctly interpret the sensor data in order to create an individual stress profile for the user. The algorithm was trained in advance in a laboratory setting in collaboration with numerous health experts and using hundreds of thousands of user data so that it can independently analyze behavior in offline mode.

Decision-making through smart algorithms

Other algorithms developed by Deep Care are able to make scientifically sound decisions based on the stress profile created. This enables Isa to suggest health-related measures and integrate them into an effective coaching program.

Isa report on target achievement after 5 days.

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