ISA is a new chapter in healthy desk work.

ISA is your personal digital health coach for the office and home office, which supports you incidentally and very effectively in a healthy way of working.

ISA is a new chapter in healthy desk work.

ISA is your personal digital health coach for the office and home office, which supports you incidentally and very effectively in a healthy way of working.


How is ISA structured?

Plug & play desktop application

Your health coach is given a face. ISA is permanently present and at the same time remains discreetly in the background. Once placed and switched on, ISA accompanies you through your working day.

Smart algorithms

Your measurement data is fed into a series of algorithms in real time to determine a pattern from thousands of movements. Variably applicable, regardless of size, clothing or body type.

Smart algorithms

Your measurement data is fed into a series of algorithms in real time to determine a pattern from thousands of movements. Variably applicable, regardless of size, clothing or body type.

Your personal app


If you like to analyze your personal long-term development in addition to the live health support, our optional app is available for this purpose. Therefore, personal data storage only takes place voluntarily and in your personal privacy space.

Most important functions


ISA guides to sufficient and effective physical activity. Through video exercise and recommendations on break times.


ISA helps for an ergonomic working style and can even include the usage of a height adjustable desk.

Drinking habits

ISA motivates to drink enough water in order to improve physical and mental capacity.


ISA continuously provides information about health and thereby encourages an intrinsic motivation.

Live analysis

ISA continuously provides real-time and intelligent feedback on the current sitting, movement and drinking habits.

Long-term statistics

ISA provides long-term analysis of habits and progress through the mobile app.

Developed with health experts

Physiotherapists, corporate doctors, sports scientists, health managers, health insurances and research institutes accompany our product development.

How ISA works

1. Let's go

It couldn’t be easier: place it on the desk, plug it in and have your personal health coach with you.

2. Analysis

ISA continuously senses your body posture using a 3D sensor.

3. AI evaluation

Intelligent algorithms identify unhealthy behaviors and potential improvements.

4. Assistance

ISA guides you continuously and individually to a healthy working routine – intuitively and without distraction.

Maximum data protection

No internet connection

No picture, video or sound recording

Long-term tracking only in the optional personal app

No access to user data

Our partners for data protection and security

The strict data concept was jointly developed by Fraunhofer IOSB, FZI and DeepCare and is available on request.

Frequently asked questions

Why not as a pure smartphone app or pop-up program on the screen?

Crucial for long-term effectiveness is a continuous useage. This is where many of these approaches fail. ISA is different:

  • Present at all times: ISA simply runs beside you, without you having to pick up your smartphone first.
  • Plug and Play: Place it, switch it on, it runs. No initialization effort.
  • Focus on health: ISA does not mix with work content on the PC or private distractions of the smartphone.
  • Precise detection: The highly accurate sensor enables skilled evaluation of health behavior.
  • Individual: Based on the actual level of physical stress, ISA can provide holistic and competent guidance.
  • Data security: Due to the closed system, there are no security gaps.

Furthermore, please consider the following questions:

  • If your smartphone is on your desk all day at work and a health app is continuously communicating with you, would private apps distract you from work?
  • Are you okay with your smartphone or webcam on your PC (both connected to the Internet) watching you via camera the whole day?
  • What do you think about more pop-ups on your PC while working?
  • A high dependence on the smartphone is proven to be very unhealthy and causes various health problems. Therefore, isn’t it contradictory to have a health app that motivates you to use your smartphone continuously?


How does ISA differentiate itself from classic health days, back courses and other sports/fitness offerings in corporate health management?

These classic approaches serve to raise awareness and provide a balance from office work. That’ s good and important. But they are always only one-off and take place away from the daily work routine. As a result, they have little effect on people’s behavior during the many hours they spend at their desks. ISA, on the other hand, is there permanently and guides people individually to healthy behavior. This gets to the root of the problem.

Can height-adjustable desks be paired with ISA?

Absolutely! It is one of the core functionalities of ISA to guarantee the optimal use of a height-adjustable desk. This feature can be easily turned on or off in ISA’s settings, depending on the availability of a height-adjustable desk.

Is it financially rewarding for companies?

Definitely! Alone by reducing costs due to musculoskeletal disorders, the return on investment for companies is only a few months. We will be happy to provide you with a precise calculation of this on request.

In addition, ISA has a positive effect on serious long-term diseases that may be related to sedentary behavior (cardiovascular disease, mental illness, metabolic disease, cancer).

Moreover, the use of such an innovative employee health offering strengthens your attractiveness as an employer and can help you attract the best employees.

Can a company get reimbursed for ISA by a health insurance company?

Currently only after individual consultation with health insurance companies. For general sponsoring by German health insurances, we are currently working on certification as a digital prevention and health promotion service in accordance with §20 SGB V (German Social Code). In this ambition we are supported by selected health insurances and the “Zentrale Prüfstelle Prävention”.

Is ISA keeping me from work?

We consider it very important that you are able to work in the best possible way! The ISA interaction concept is very discreet, intuitive and can be adjusted individually. However, if ISA detects a major health risk during your work, you will sometimes be interrupted in your work. However, this is then done for the benefit of your health and therefore serves your long-term performance.

Does ISA have a camera?

No. The sensor only creates an anonymous 3D silhouette of the person at the desk. This prevents any identification of persons.

What are the benefits of ISA?

ISA ensures that you still feel good after a long day at work. In addition, ISA helps you prevent musculoskeletal disorders (e.g. back pain) and serious long-term diseases such as diabetes.

How many times a day do I receive health tips through ISA?

Enough to experience noticeable health benefits. On the other hand, also not too many to distract you from work. Most important, ISA adapts to your personal habits and gradually moves into the background when you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Will I get new features and programs over time?

Of course. You will benefit from constant new features and programs that will be made available to you.

How can I update my ISA if it is not connected to the Internet?

Our accompanying smartphone app serves as your access point to receive new health offers and software updates and, if wished, to transfer them to your ISA. In this way, you benefit from our continuous further developments while at the same time ensuring compliance with our strict data protection concept.

Can I create my own health program?

Yes. All functions can be switched on and off or set individually.

Is ISA a medical product?

No, ISA is not a medical product according to German regulations (§13 MPG).

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