Expert round#2_Webinar Trends in BGM

Expert round#2: Trends in BGM from 13.03.2023


The expert panel format is a recurring webinar that addresses current occupational health management (OHM) topics. We invite a wide range of experts from our network to a 90-minute event to provide valuable input and discuss current issues and questions with our community.

Here you can find the slides and recordings of the expert panel#2

What is the idea behind the webinar series “Expert panel”?

Since the founding of Deep Care in 2020, we have built up a very broad community of health enthusiasts, health and safety managers, which now includes over 1000 members on Linkedin. From the first prototype to the market-ready product to the use of the digital health coach ISA in numerous companies, we have worked and continue to work closely with health experts, representatives of SHI & PHI, occupational health and safety officers as well as scientists from a wide range of fields, creating a unique network that is constantly evolving.

We would like to give some of these very exciting acquaintances a stage, because we believe they are a real enrichment for our community and healthy work. This is how the “expert round” format came into being, in which current topics of occupational health management (OHM) are discussed. New impulses are given, relevant questions and problems are taken up and discussed, analysed and evaluated by top-class experts from our network.

In the webinar Expert Round#1 we explored together with the experts the question of whether the change in the world of work (New Work) also requires a rethinking of occupational health management. You can watch the recordings here.



This is what the BGM webinar Expert Round#2 was about:

Under the motto “Breaking old habits and creating new structures”, theexpert panel#2 dealt with the current top trends. First, a trend study was used to highlight social as well as technological trends in occupational health management and the health system. This was followed by an insight into the potential offered by neurotechnology, AI and psychology in the course of increasingly complex interfaces between humans and technology for the promotion of health and well-being. This was followed by a presentation on the use of (health) data to measure success in occupational health management. The last two presentations were about breaking habits. First at the organisational level by convincing management of the need for occupational health management and then at the personal level through insights from behavioural neuroscience

These were the experts and their topics:


Trendstudie – Ausblick auf die Entwicklung im Gesundheitswesen & BGM Josep Meiser, Pronova BKK – Experte für Scouting und Mentoring im Bereich der digitalen Gesundheit

Happy Brain, Happy Life?! – Potenziale der Neurotechnologie, KI und Psychologie  Dr. Nektaria Tagalidou, Fraunhofer IAO – Psychologin für “Applied Neurocognitive Systems”

Sicherer Umgang mit Daten, um BGM-Erfolg messbar zu machen  Prof. Dr. Erik Krempel, Hochschule München – Professor für Privacy Engineering und technischer wie medizinischer Datenschutz

Wie überzeuge ich meine Organisation davon, dass BGM wichtig ist?  Prof. Dr. Volker Nürnberg, Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss / BearingPoint – Professor Gesundheitsmanagement, Gutachter, Partner BearingPoint

Aus den Neurowissenschaften für das BGM lernen Dr. Yvonne Ritze, Deep Care – Verhaltensneurowissenschaftlerin


View the recordings and slides of the webinar:

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