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Simple risk assessment
for your home office

Even if the home office does not involve working with hazardous substances, heavy tools or melting furnaces, it still harbours risks that can lead to long downtimes and high costs.

40 - 60%

Optimum humidity

20 - 22°

Optimum temperature

<55 db

Noise level
Risk assessment

The problem with working from home

Risk assessment is enshrined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and is carried out regularly in the vast majority of companies. However, a new challenge has arisen since coronavirus: working from home. While just 12% of employees worked from home in 2019, this figure had risen to almost 25% by 2022. This harbours completely new dangers, as the equipment often does not meet the same standard and employees place less value on ergonomics and occupational health and safety than they should.

Working for too long with the wrong set-up is a guarantee of illness and discomfort - both physical and mental. For employers, this means enormous costs due to sickness absence and loss of productivity.

Days of absence and loss of productivity due to MSDs and mental health problems cost German companies every year 5.000€ per employee.

Sensor-based effectiveness control

«Isa – risk assessment» creates a healthy working environment!

Within 2 weeks, Isa assesses the hazards in the workplace and creates a healthy and sustainable working environment through effective suggestions for improvement.

Isa explains the legal aspects, carries out measurements and checks the effectiveness using a patented sensor system.

Effective measures

Individual measures - no one-size-fits-all!

The individual measurements allow effective measures to be taken that are perfectly suited to the employee's workplace. 

If employees only work from home one day a week, the risk is low and only requires minor measures. On the other hand, extensive measures and close monitoring are required for employees who work from home 5 days a week. 

«Isa – risk assessment» helps you to assess the risk and select measures - individually for all employees. 

Schedule an initial consultation

Isa - risk assessment

Procedure of the risk assessment

Easy ordering and delivery directly to your door

Your team gets access to a booking platform created especially for your company. In less than 3 minutes, they can book an individual time slot with Isa.

Phase 1: Legal instruction and analysis of the current situation

Employees are informed about the legal aspects of occupational safety and answer questions about their current situation. 

Phase 2: Measurements and optimization of the workplace

The employees carry out all the necessary measurements at the workplace with Isa and set it up according to the specifications. The changes are checked for effectiveness at 24-hour intervals. 

Results report and return shipment

After 2 weeks, your employees will receive the results report and can discuss and file it with their supervisor or the occupational safety specialist.

Do you want to further improve ergonomics during operation?

We would be happy to advise you individually on «Isa – ergo move» in a free initial consultation,.

Advantages at a glance

Healthy working environment thanks to Isa!

100% reach! With «Isa – risk assessment» you can enable every employee to carry out a risk assessment.

Simple, without effort! We take care of the logistics, Isa and the employees do the rest.

Healthy working environment! Effectiveness monitoring guarantees a healthy working environment in the long term, even when working from home.

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