Health promotion with wow effect! Already from 2,99€



About ISA-on-Demand

A new usage concept developed by us for our digital health coach, through which you can inspire many employees cheaply and easily.


Very simple in 3 steps

1. Select scope of the OHM measure

You decide how many employees you would like to reach with this BGF measure and how intensive the coaching should be. 

2. Receive marketing material for internal communication

We put together an individual marketing package for you, through which you can inspire your employees for your offer. In doing so, we attach great importance to a positive effect for your employer branding.

3. Get access to the online portal

The communication documents give your employees access to an online portal set up specifically for your company in line with your corporate identity. Via this, your employees can have their personal health coach sent to their home office or office. In this way, they receive their coaching, which lasts several weeks and is completely individualized. At the end of use, employees receive a return slip with which they can conveniently send back the ISA.

5 reasons for ISA-on-demand

1. Easy implementation: 

We take care of the logistics, provide all the necessary documentation and take care of the onboarding. 

2. High participation rate:

Employees have one year to choose coaching and are completely free to choose when, where and how often they want to use ISA. 

3. Great health effect:

Through the intensive support over several weeks, new behaviors can develop, which lead to a lasting health effect..  

4. Effective employer branding:

Employees use ISA 4 – 5 days per week and over several weeks. This is a lot of opportunities to appreciate employees. In addition, ISA is a completely new concept that inspires many people. Employees will share this enthusiasm with others, making your BGM externally effective. Our marketing for internal communication rounds it all off. 

5. Low cost

ISA-on-Demand is available for as little as €2.99 per employee per month. This gives you the opportunity to reach all employees in the company through one measure.  

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