Deep Care is a member of the CyberValley Start-up Network

Advance research and development in the AI field through knowledge transfer and strong partners!

What exactly is CyberValley?
CyberValley is Europe’s largest research cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The research consortium is made up of a wide variety of partners from politics, science, business and society, who thus strengthen research and education as well as knowledge transfer in the fields of machine learning, computer vision and robotics.


What are the benefits of membership?
ISA works so well because artificial intelligence enables it to produce precise real-time analyses and make informed decisions based on them. Its success is therefore based on the progress of the AI it uses. By sharing within the CyberValley network, we are helping to drive AI research and development, while at the same time we want to incorporate this community’s expertise in AI and Deep Learning into our product development.

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