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Be at the forefront

We are Deep Care GmbH. We have developed the world’s first digital health coach for the office and home office, based on the latest sensor technology and intelligent algorithms. This makes it easy to integrate ergonomic sitting, targeted exercise, sufficient drinking and many other aspects into everyday working life. We developed and patented the technology ourselves. We have received several prizes and awards for our meaningful and forward-looking work and have also convinced investors. Above all, however, we have already been able to win very renowned companies as our customers.

Design a meaningful product

  • Durchführung von Umfragen, Studien und Tests mit unserer Zielgruppe.
  • Identifikation von Schwachstellen unserer aktuellen Nutzerinteraktion.
  • Der Kern: Kreative Erarbeitung von Verbesserungen unseres digitalen Designs und Nutzerinteraktion.
  • Unterstützung des Entwicklungsteams bei der Implementierung.
  • Kontinuierliches Testen und Iterieren, hinführend auf ein optimales Nutzererlebnis.

Work in your own way

  • You will gain deep insights, participate in all team rounds and contribute as a full team member.
  • You are flexible between home office and our beautiful office in the Film and Media Centre Ludwigsburg.
  • Work when and where you want. What counts is constructive cooperation and the result.
  • We work pragmatically, make quick decisions, pay attention to details and really put our foot down.
  • We are an international team and communicate with each other in German and English.


  • Immediately
  • 3-6 months
  • Fair payment
  • Startup experience: Priceless!

Interested? Then write to me about who you are and why you fit in with us!

Simon Fiechtner (Co-Founder) simon.fiechtner@deep-care.de

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